Full-Wrap Thrusting Male Masturbator: Unlike other exposed masturbators, our male masturbator focuses on the whole little man’s experience, using the principle of internal propulsion to achieve 360° of wrapping thrust. Experience up to 2 inches of thrusting sensation as this stroker moves up and down along your little man
Strong Vibration Blowjob Toy Machine: In addition to the new thrust setting, our blowjob machine is also equipped with a vibrating egg. Intense vibration stimulation with 360° wrap thrust covers the entire erogenous area, regardless of shape and size
“One-Click Highlights”, Endurance Training: This male caress toy is also an endurance trainer, which can help you train your sexual ability and prolong your sex life. Click on the one-click climax. The thrust and vibration can reach the strongest mode immediately, giving you the most intense fun in a second. You can switch between normal and strongest mode for real bedtime fun
6″ INSERTABLE 3D RIBBED INNER CANAL: The super-textured soft canal is made of premium soft textured silicone, durable and secure, giving you lifelike sensations and a delightful climax. You don’t have to worry about breakage. It’s just for gently sliding in and enjoying and immersing yourself in the beautiful texture hidden in a sturdy yet lightweight channel

Upgraded Full-Wrap Thrusting M...