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  • Shaped in rum bottle, extremely high camouflage.
  • Realistic fleshy pussy, real visual experience.
  • Super soft and stretchy TPE sleeve, give you the most comfortable solo plays.
  • Heavily textured inside, a great assistant for hand placement.
  • Removable sleeve, easy to rinse it out for sanitary enjoyment.


In order to fulfill the fetish fantasy of some sex seekers, and also inject fresh elements into the solo time, this wine bottle shows up. Comes in the shape of rum bottle, it deserves to become a member placed on the wine rack without being treated differently. In other words, it can be perfectly hidden to ensure the safety of personal privacy. Not same-old, it’s totally new and refreshing, being able to wake up your libido. In addition, mature woman’s sexy pussy, fleshy and seductive, is displayed at the entrance of the passage. The rich and promising internal structure makes a great difference in helping you with the handjob. Those raised particles take care of all aspects of your dick to make sure all of your sensitive areas get stimulated. Regarding cleaning, the sleeve can be disassembled. In this way, thorough cleaning can be easily achieved.

Product size: 9.84 x3.14 x1.45”

Insetable length: 6.69”

Weight: 1.21 lb

Material: ABS+TPE

Package included:
1 xmasturbator cup


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Rum Bottle-Like Manual Masturb...