Basic Info:
You are able to explore Ginger’s torso with your hands – the real-feel skin is beautifully soft and yielding, yet Ginger has a rigid spine which means the sex doll torso is not going to flop about. Cupping Ginger’s breasts felt great – her boobs are soft enough to squeeze with a bit of bounce to them, and those nipples are pert with pink and lickable! Sliding into Ginger’s vagina feels awesome as you get a tight squeeze accentuated by the highly stimulating ribs and dots. Her ass feels amazing too and true to the realistic design, feels a little tighter than her front entrance. The vibration & sucking patterns can be controlled via a remote controller which is much more convenient.

How to clean:
1. Turn on the faucet and flush the vagina channel;
2. Make the first frequency function of the sucking on for draining the water from the drainage tube (Transparent Color);
3. Use a brush sponge with mild soap to gently scrub the hole walls for deep cleaning;
4. Insert a cloth (tampons) in the holes to absorb the humidity left.

*The product cannot be washed directly in water;
*Seal the air releasing tube (Skin Color) before cleaning to prevent water from entering the air releasing tube;
*Keep the charging port away from water.

Care & Maintenance
1. Water-based lubricant is the most recommended and safest lubricant to use;
2. Watch out for sharp things like jacket zips, long fingernails, jewellery etc. as they can damage TPE;
3. Avoid stretching the joints too far/long periods as this can cause tearing;
4. Avoid tight clothing for extended periods as it can cause creases;
5. Avoid direct sunlight on the skin for long periods as it may cause fading;
6. Use light and neutral colored clothes to avoid staining the doll, so always wash your new clothes to check before wear.


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