Basic Info:
Rose sex doll is small compared to fully-developed women, but has deliciously-exaggerated proportions. Her skin and breasts are extremely soft, and the details are immaculate. Its heaviness is great because you don’t have to hold it in place so much when using, just lie it down and get to it. Or sit it on top and hold it by the waist. It’s also got a spine that helps it stay sturdy. Her butt is so freaking hot and moves the way an ass ought to move when you spank, shake or jiggle it.

For Vagina/Anal Cleaning:
1. Use a shower head (or water irrigator) to spray water into the opening;
2. Use a brush sponge (or toothbrush) with mild soap to softly scrub the inside;
3. Clean the exterior, just wash with mild soap until it is thoroughly cleaned;
4. Insert a cloth (tampons) in the holes to absorb the humidity left;
5. Pat the exterior dry with a towel or soft microfiber cloth, and allow the skin to air-dry fully;
6. Apply a little bit of baby powder to your doll’s body once dry.

Care & Maintenance
1. Water-based lubricant is the most recommended and safest lubricant to use;
2. Watch out for sharp things like jacket zips, long fingernails, jewellery etc. as they can damage TPE;
3. Avoid stretching the joints too far/long periods as this can cause tearing;
4. Avoid tight clothing for extended periods as it can cause creases;
5. Avoid direct sunlight on the skin for long periods as it may cause fading;
6. Use light and neutral colored clothes to avoid staining the doll, so always wash your new clothes to check before wear.


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