Premium silicone material, real skin look and feel.
30.7″ breast size, sexy curvy girlish figure.
5.9″ vagina depth, Realistic textures to keep teasing your bro.
4.7″ anal depth, tight and durable.
Built-in skeleton, easy to unlock various sex positions.
Pure Silicone Doll – Diana
Diana is an full silicone sex doll torso. She 1:1 restores the most realistic human skin touch and texture. She is like a pure Snow White. Delicate and beautiful face. Her breasts fluttered and raised a snow-white silver light, and the nipples protruded with bursts of passionate frankincense, which was very stimulating.
Diana’s Size
Material Medical-grade Pure Silicone
Height: 50cm/19inch
Width: 36cm/14inch
Bust Cir: 78cm/30.7inch
Waist Cir: 49cm/19inch
Hips Cir: 94cm/37inch
Weight: 29.8 Lb
Realistic Channel
Beautiful Girl Diana
Diana is a lovely girl. Her perfect figure is always fascinating.Her period ends today. She endured for several days, and finally she was able to release the depression in her body now. Diana wore a gorgeous bra and grey panties. Under the illumination of the light, you can clearly see the looming blood vessels on her snow-white skin. At this time, she is willing to let you take off her panties. She is waiting for you. The alluring pussy and slender waist are sure to make you more excited.
Built-in Framework, More Convenient to Use. Diana built-in frame allows her to maintain an upright position, which is stable enough. The movable legs greatly increase her flexibility, allowing you to enjoy any kind of sex.
Dual Channel Design. Vaginal, anal or titty? Whichever you prefer, Diana has you covered. Her vagina and anus are full of texture and meat balls, which greatly increases friction and irritation.
Pure Silicone Material. Diana is made of high-quality Silicone material.This material can restore the most realistic skin state and skin texture of the human body to the greatest extent. It has better skin-friendly feel, high and low temperature resistance, and more stable chemical properties. Diana can be reused many times and can be stored for a long time.


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