About Zenobia:

Best Selling mid-size female torso for men .

Like 18 year old girl, Juicy nipples, Deeply arouse your desire.

28.74″ Bust Cir, Enjoy your time with full set breasts sex.

5.11″ vaginal depth, average depth of American women.

4.33″ anal depth, Definitely excite your little brother.

Soft TPE material, Not easy to tear, No odor.

Built-in metal frame, Easy to unlock any sexual position.

Sexy dance teacher – Zenobia

Zenobia is a dance teacher at our school and she is a young woman. She wears a black uniform and stockings when she comes to school every day. Her breasts look very pink. The most attractive thing is her butt, which is round and plump, making people want to touch it. You suddenly push her onto the bed, undress her roughly, and see her tits and private parts, all of which will drive you crazy and want to have sex with her. Do you want to have sex with her?

1:1 Real Female Torso

Built-in framework, more convenient to use. Zenobia’s built-in frame allows her to maintain an upright position, which is stable enough. The movable legs greatly increase her flexibility, allowing you to enjoy any kind of sex.

Dual channel design. Vaginal, anal or titty? Whichever you prefer, Zenobia has you covered. Her vagina and anus are full of texture and meat balls, which greatly increases friction and irritation.

Medical grade material. Zenobia is made of high-quality TPE material and feels very real to the touch. Her soft breasts are like those of a really plump woman. It is very soft.


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1:1 Real Female Torso 28.74″ B...