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Stroking Techniques

Are you tired of using the same old stroking technique yet can't think of something more exciting? It doesn't necessarily take reinventing the wheel to find a better way- sometimes it's just a matter of taking what you already know and changing it up a little. For example, when was the last time you made yourself relax fully before even beginning a masturbation session? When was the last time you purposely did not tense up and just let the orgasm happen? If you can't remember when or if your answer is never, then read on; you will be amazed at how much better your orgasms become just by doing things a little differently for a change!

Masturbation Yoga

Okay, that might sound odd, but in order for you to really experience orgasmic sensations to the fullest extent, you need to keep your body completely relaxed and let the orgasm build until it erupts, seemingly from nowhere, and sends you into convulsions of pleasure. It's a natural reaction for one to tense up as they begin masturbating and continue tensing even more, almost as if willing the orgasm to begin. This causes your body to expect the orgasm, which makes it less pleasurable, but it also dulls the senses, lessening the pleasure even more.

Before beginning your next masturbation session, take a few minutes to focus on relaxation. Begin by closing your eyes and taking slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Next, tense up all your face muscles and hold for 10 seconds and release. Do the same with you face, neck and shoulders. Next, tense and release everything from the waist up, hold for 10 seconds and release; the next round tensing the entire upper body, buttocks, and thighs with the hold/release pattern. Continue the process, adding your lower legs, feet, and toes, until you are able to tense your entire body for 10 seconds and release. Do this three times and on the third release, feel yourself melting into the couch, bed, or floor, until you feel almost like you are floating in a swimming pool, completely relaxed, letting the water support your weight.

Now that you are completely relaxed, here are a few variations on the old "standard techniques" that will have you writhing in pleasure in no time.

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Make sure to grab the lube, as you'll need it for this one. Wrap both hands around your penis; one at the top and one at the bottom. Begin by rotating the bottom hand clockwise and the top hand counter clockwise (or whichever way is easier, so long as they are rotating in opposite directions) and back the other way. Keep this wringing motion going from base to tip, as if you are wringing out a towel. Keep this motion going, slow and steady until you ejaculate.

The Butt Spread

At first glance, you may think we're talking about anal play or prostate massaging, but it's nothing of the sort. To enjoy this position, get down on your knees with your ass cheeks resting on your calves, allowing them to spread slightly, as you masturbate. You can use your favorite stroke here or try one of the techniques listed here, but when you get to the point of orgasm, spread your cheeks further apart and feel the orgasm rock your world from taint to tip.


Again, we're talking about something other than prostate milking, though a prostate massager or other anal toy may be pleasurable to use while performing this masturbation technique. This technique works best with lube, so make sure to have it handy when you are ready to begin. Place both hands around your penis and squeeze with the top hand while pulling and over the tip and then while the lower hand is squeezing upward, place the first hand back around the base and start again. Keep this going in a smooth motion, similar to milking a cow.

Climbing the Wall

This position allows for a whole different set of sensations and is also one of the most common positions of cum eating wannabes. To get into position, lie on your back with your butt against the base of a wall and your legs in the air against the wall. Gradually scoot closer, until only the head and shoulders are left on the ground. Experiment with pressing your feet into the wall as you are masturbating or with positioning yourself so your cock is in the perfect position to spray the cum in your mouth when you ejaculate.

Have Fun!

The bottom line is to relax and have fun trying various techniques and tips, allowing your body to enjoy all the new sensations these techniques have to offer. If you've never tried it, you may also want to give our Cock Control Mistresses a call to guide you in your masturbation efforts. Guided masturbation allows you to relax and enjoy yourself without having to put a lot of thought into it. Call today to learn just how true that is.

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