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Whether you realize it or not, every man craves to have his cock controlled in some form. Whether it is extreme or not is up to every man, but men were born to have women control them!

I love chastity play, sensual domination and teasing when it comes to cock control. Controlling your cock is really like controlling your mind, as I'd like to think. Just think of it - a sensual woman can go in and through your mind, control your cock, or through your cock, control your mind. It's one of the same. Men can't separate it, and women can manipulate it.

And that's what I love to do - control and manipulate your cock. Make it to where you are being edged and begging me to cum. I love to hear a man beg. There is something so sexy about a big, muscled man who can be brought down to his knees by a strong, yet feminine woman through his cock. It's powerful isn't it?

Through the ages, women have controlled cocks whether they have realized it or not. Men have fought for goddesses and queens just to have a smidgen of her attention. The rules apply to me as well: I expect you to be on your knees, and for me to rule over your cock.

Only I determine when is the time you can ejaculate. Only I determine when you don't. Stroke. Stop. Stroke. Stop. Stroke, and possibly deny. Who knows? Maybe a ruined orgasm.

I suppose it all depends on what your attitude toward me is. Treating me like a queen might just possibly get you what you want more quickly. I can't wait to control your cock!