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Methods of Cock Control

Keeping a hard man good is a hard thing to do indeed. A man and his out of control dick has plagued man and womankind for centuries. Many women have tried while others have failed in their mission of cock control.

But today, that’s going to change. Because with the steps below, a new successful cock control movement is born! Men and their out of control cocks will soon be successfully under wraps, zipped away, and under the guidance and demands of their mistresses and masterful women!

There is a methodology to cock control success so here are some steps to getting those man cocks in line and behaving like they should.

Master the Masturbation

The truth is, most men have unruly cocks. They are purveyors of the perpetual hard on and princes of their prideful pricks. What they really need, want and should have is a super sexy masterful woman to keep those jets cooled on those cum rockets. Or at least slowed down a little.

To start, take a good grip of that unruly cock. No questions asked, just do as the mistress says because you know you must, you know it’s time to control that dick.

Now stroke it. Not a quick-whack to shoot your cumload, you are not allowed to do that. Slow strokes, controlled strokes on that rock hard cock, get it?

You know that unruly cock really wants to be stuffing a hot creamy pussy, but for now you are not allowed. But what your mistress does want you to do is pretend. She instructs you to use a small hand towel and rap it around your cock. She wants you to pretend that towel is really her underwear and that your cock is pressing against those panties, tugging at them, wanting to get inside that hot box.

Stroke that unruly cock! Tug the tip of that unruly prick! Stretch it, rub that towel up and down like you are rubbing against your masterful woman’s panties, eager to get at her cunt!

Stroke it, rub it harder-faster, you want it, you can almost taste that wet pussy dripping in those panties on your lips! Keep stroking until you are about to cum and—STOP!

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The Beat Down

That first step was a cock killer, right? Not hardly. An out of control cock is an out of control cock. It’s going to take more than that to get a man with an unruly dick in line, right slave boys? It's time for the beat-down step.

Your mistress wants you to strip. That’s right, down to your little old naked self, and get into bed. That’s right, bed. And make sure you’re alone!

Get under the covers and whack that out of control dick like crazy. Beat that cock-rod until you are seconds from blasting your cum load. Ride your body spasm as you ready yourself for the explosive cum relief and again—STOP! That’s right, slave boy, you still can’t cum!

The final part of the beat down step is a ball buster sure to control that cock. Ready to roll? Slow stroke your dick for two minutes. Then stop. Set your alarm for one hour from then and go to sleep. Yep, snooze it for the next sixty minutes. When the alarm goes off, wake up and stroke your cock for two minutes. Then it’s nighty-night again for another hour. Repeat the sleep-and-stroke dick pull all night long. You get that? All night long with the stroke and tease but no orgasm.

Okay, slave boy, get up and shower the next morning and no dicky- touchy. Then at your lunch break, go in your car or hide away in the bathroom stall and whack yourself to a well-deserved orgasm. And when you’re done (that didn't take too long, right?) relax, enjoy the moment, maybe even smoke a cigarette or have a glass of wine to savor the moment, slave boy, because that little explosion of cock cum that you just had is all you are allotted for the week. That’s right, your sexy hot masterful woman says only one orgasm a week!

Even the horniest, unruliest of cocks can be controlled by a good sexy-hot mistress and her pleasure box full of cock-blocking methods!

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available