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Masturbation is Good For You

Studies (real ones not just someone asking random men at the sex shop) have shown that masturbation really is good for you in many ways. There are actual honest to goodness health benefits, as well as sexual benefits for you and for your partner (when it isn’t Mr. Handy), and even psychological benefits that can help you out at work and at home! So why is it that so many people pretend they don’t do it? We should all be running around shouting about how amazingly healthy and happy we are, because we masturbate - A LOT.

Masturbation: Feels Good and Good For You

First of all, your health. Everyone wants to be healthy these days. Healthy is the new beautiful and those of us who are always want to be healthier. Studies prove that healthy people not only live longer but better lives. Not only because, lets face it, if you’re healthy you are much more likely to get laid than if you aren’t, but because if you’re healthy you are likely to get a better job and more money! But we’ll get to that later. Right now, we’re talking about how masturbation can aid you in being healthier.

It’s simple really. The more you masturbate and release the more you regulate many things in your body. Lets start with heart rate. You feel it speed it up as you stroke, your lungs expanding, breath coming quick, heart beat keeping up with the stroking of your cock. It’s a rush of adrenaline, just like working out gives you and it’s the perfect cardio. The heart rates of those who masturbate frequently are more stable and consistent than those who don’t. So is breathing, stamina and lung condition. Not to mention that men who masturbate more than five times a week are a third less likely to get prostate cancer. Cleaning everything out when you cum makes your body have to constantly rebuild the good stuff and the bad stuff doesn’t have a chance. So, next time you wrap your hand around your cock and start stroking, think about how healthy it’s making you.

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Her Erotic Happiness = Your Happiness

Of course, if being healthy isn’t enough motivation for you and lets face it, for some people it just isn’t, pleasing your partner might be. After all we women can be pretty brutal in our critiques of your performance, especially if you finish the race while we’re still at the starting gate. No one likes that and it isn’t likely to get you laid again. Not to mention the humiliation of being known as “the premature ejaculator” among all her friends. We tell our friends EVERYTHING.

With frequent masturbation you can train your cock, or a Mistress can, to have more stamina. This goes hand in hand with being healthy really. Everything is connected after all. But this time, stamina is what matters most and the more frequently you masturbate and cum the better you’ll learn to hold off an wait for the perfect moment. Plus, if you are masturbating, she might want to watch or she might let you watch her…Maybe she’d even feel inspired to reach out and stroke that cock for you. It becomes something you do together that gives you both intense pleasure and you all know if we women are happy you’re happy, if we aren’t happy…Well, you know that too! So stroke away and invite her to watch or join in for a little mutal masturbation, or just show her how well you can hold out to make her happy.

Money Makes the Hand Stroke Up and Down

Last but not least, what is probably the single greatest motivator of everyone in the world - money. Masturbation can make you more money. No, you aren’t going to offer out your hand job services or do paid peep shows (though maybe you could *giggle*), you are just going to be more confident. Just like being healthy and confidence is something that separates you from the others in most job markets. What employer do you know who would choose a sickly loser with no confidence over a healthy confident person? You don’t, because it doesn’t happen. To make more money, thus also making your partner and yourself happier, you just need to masturbate more. Masturbation helps release endorphins that battle depression and irritability, as well as keep you more alert and on task. See who this psychological health could really benefit you at work? Of you course you do, because you masturbate, a lot, so you are on top of things and know just what it takes to get ahead in life. Masturbation.

Overall, there really isn’t any good reason not to masturbate. So unzip those pants, grab your lube and start stroking!

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