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How Often Do Men Masturbate?

Masturbation is one of our dirty little secrets. We all do it and we all love it but we don’t all talk about it. So, like many other things, when you don’t discuss it the act takes on a mystique that makes us feel naughty or dirty when doing it. You hide in the bathroom or the closet, hand wrapped around your hard cock stroking and trying not to moan, while pumping it faster and faster. But how often are you doing that and is it a normal amount? You don’t know do you? Because honestly no one discusses it, Except Us!

We love to talk about masturbation. That hard cock needing to be touched, aching with desire. We know how it is, after all we are masturbation experts, though you might not always get what you want with us, you will get what you need. And now you need to know, how often is too often to stroke that cock? Well, get happy, because there is no number that is too much! Unless your phone sex Mistress has instructed you not to stroke more than once a day or something, then anything over that will get you in lots of trouble. *giggle* But if you aren’t under a stroking ceiling, then there really is no number.

Am I Average or Above Average?

On average, most men stroke one to two times per day. Oh I know that number is LOW, but we aren’t counting how often you WANT to stroke, we are talking about how often you actually have time and opportunity to stroke, on average. And, we aren’t counting the younger years when your hormones first start flowing and you can’t keep your hands off your cock no matter what or where you are. We are talking about adult men. Those of you we love to meet and toy with. When you get up in the morning and stroke yourself off in the shower, you want to do it again in a few hours or as soon as you get to work and your hot young secretary bends over in front of you, picking up papers from the floor or leans over your desk giving you a view of her cleavage that you won’t ever forget. But you have a meeting and people are there and you can’t get away to stroke. Later you want to do it again when you see a breeze blow past the woman on the street and her nipple poke out hard and excited, much like your cock, and you imagine touching them. But you are in the middle of the street, hurrying to your car or the bus or train to get home. Then you have dinner and work at home and finally you can get in bed or in the shower and stroke again. Twice.

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Yes, this is an average, we know that some of you need it so much more! Because believe it or not there are actually men who do not stroke their cocks every single day! Shocking I know, but it’s true. So, those of you who can stroke again and again help the average move up. However sometimes too much daily masturbation can seriously fuck up your day. Think about it, if you could and did masturbate every time you wanted to, would you get anything done at all? Of course not! You love having that cock in your hand so much more than work or dinner or anything else. Especially if you are stroking it with your Mistress there telling you how! One of our fun stroking techniques that get you really going, can have you hard for what feels like hours.

So how often do you masturbate? Men who are considered very sexual or even oversexed, yes we mean you and that’s why you need us! They may masturbate up to ten times a day if not for guided and controlled masturbation. You will lose jobs and girlfriends and have no social life if your stroking is just left unchecked, not to mention some medical issues that kill the sexy fast. Stroking again and again, is fun, but nothing that is that much fun comes without consequences. Think how much more fun it will be to know the consequences, when your Mistress tells you the rules than to just stroke yourself until you pass out or get fired because instead of just looking at the secretary’s hot tits, you stroked under the desk and got caught!

Cock control, keeps that from happening. You can’t control yourself but we can! After all, once that cock belongs to your Mistress, you know that touching it requires permission and if you don’t have, well you can’t stroke. But don’t worry, we won’t let you screw up the average, though we do like to make you beg.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available