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How Masturbation Can Improve Your Sex Life

We all know that Masturbation feels good. It’s actually considered the one thing in the world that is a natural and instant pain reliever and stress reducer. Well the end result of masturbation is! *giggle* But if you’re masturbating, you won’t want sex right? Wrong! It’s not just something that feels good, it’s good for and can seriously improve your sex life and relationships and not just the one you have with your right hand! Stress, control, body awareness, couples masturbation…see how good this sounds. Now you don’t have to make up excuses to sit and masturbate, I’m going to give you some real ones that will make sex even better.

Be Cool, Relax

First of all it reduces stress. This in itself should be enough reason for everyone to sit around masturbating, honestly. Stressed out people eat more, exercise less and are generally in a worse mood than people with less stress. So basically you’re fat, have bad skin, unhealthy and grouchy all because you aren’t masturbating enough! So that’s reason number one to grab the lube and go to it! No one wants to be around someone who is constantly stressed out. You aren’t funny or interesting then, you are just miserable. But the endorphins released during masturbation lift your mood and relax your body, allowing you to sleep better, be more productive and making you more attractive to women. We like cool not asshole. Women like you, your relationships get better. The hot new secretary at the office agrees to go out to drinks with you because you seem like a fun guy. You might get laid just because you did some masturbation, guided or on your own and relaxed.

Pay Attention to Your Body

This leads us to the next thing masturbation does to improve your sex life, it gives you additional control. Can you think of anything worse than going out with that hot new girl, getting into a heavy make out and petting session only to find yourself ready to shoot way too early? Let me tell you right now, even if you can think of worse, she can’t and you will never get near those silky panties again. Or any of her friends, because she’s going to tell everyone you have no control at all.

Masturbation will help you with that though! If you masturbate regularly it won’t ruin your ability to perform, as some people believe, it will enhance it! Your cock will still get hard and ready when you get close to her, but you’ll be able to control yourself. We watch movies and read books, we want a man who will get us hot, wait for us, want us, but not be done before we even get half way there. We want you to be there with us! Men who masturbate on a regular basis are able to learn greater control. You’re welcome for that lengthy tease and edging session your Mistress put you through! Because you this you will be more aware of your body and your triggers and be able to put your mind elsewhere no matter how good this all feels and hold yourself back. That will make you able to not only get a hot woman to go out with you, but keep her interested and not giggling to her friends the next say about how pre-mature you are! Instead you will be able to please her and yourself and come out looking good.

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Watch and Learn Together

Not everyone chooses to go all the way right away though. Women are picky sometimes and we might want to do some naughty little things to build anticipation for the actual intercourse. This is where the fun masturbation starts. You can do this with your significant other, your Mistress (if you can convince her you deserve it) or that hot babe you just met! Either way, couples masturbation can be lots of fun. Whether you are doing it as a means of both of you getting off without having sex, to keep things safe or if you are just playing a sexy little game, it’s lots of fun. As much fun as intercourse? Yes! It can be! I know that personally watching a man stroke and know he’s watching me is very exciting. Just think about it for a moment. You can sit across from her and watch her pull up her skirt and slip off her panties, spread open her legs and start playing with that hot wet pussy. You can see just where she touches herself and what she seems to like (to file away for future reference if you are smart) and she can watch you too.

Whether you are engaging in couples masturbation or going solo in the long run masturbation will only help with your sex life. Of course this isn’t for you chronic masturbators who just can’t stop *giggle*. You need some guided masturbation or extreme cock control. But for those of you looking for more reasons just to relax and stroke, have fun!

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available