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Guided Masturbation: Is it for You?

Masturbation. Everybody knows what that is. But do you know what guided masturbation is? The simple definition is having someone else control your masturbation session- someone else telling you when and how to masturbate. That's exactly what it is... and more.

Tired of the Same Old Routine?

When it comes to masturbation, you've got it down to a science. Your goal is orgasm and you know the exactly what it takes to get there in the shortest amount of time. There is no reason not to use quickest and most efficient way of getting there. After all, the orgasm is what it's all about, right?

Right. The orgasm is what it's all about and that's precisely why you most definitely should not use the quickest and most efficient way of getting there. Oh sure, we all have times when we just need that quick release, and there is nothing wrong with that, on occasion. However, if that's your normal modis operandi, you are missing out on some of the most intense orgasms a person could ever experience!

It is all about the orgasm. It's about earth shattering, toe curling orgasms. If I asked you right now whether you prefer your typical orgasm or an explosive orgasm, which would you answer? Duh, that's a no brainer,right? Of course it is! Who wouldn't choose explosive orgasm?

What does Guided Masturbation have to do with Explosive Orgasms

What does guided masturbation have to do with explosive orgasms? Everything. You may have noticed that over time your orgams have gotten less intense. It happens, right? It's a normal part of getting older and more experienced. They still feel good and bring much needed release, even if they aren't as intense as they used to be.

True. It happens. It happens because we forget that the inensity of the orgasm is only as good as the buildup. Following the same old routine- the quickest and most efficient route to the big O, is hardly a buildup. In fact, if that is your normal m.o., I wouldn't be surprised if your interest in masturbation has dropped significantly. After all, even if you acheive orgasm, it's nothing spectacular, so as long as you get the occasional release to help relieve stress, orgasm isn'tsomething you think about much anymore.

Guided masturbation can change all that. Your cock has gotten used to your routine and knows exactly what to expect next. Sure, it reacts, but not as strongly as it would react to an unknown routine. With guided masturbation, you don't know what to expect next, so your cock doesn't know what to expect next. The unpredictability builds its own excitement and coupled with the fact that your guided masturbation Mistress, or Masturbatrix, knows exactly how to guide you in building intensity and excitement to almost unbearable levels, guided masturbation is guaranteed to deliver an earth shattering orgasm. Don't believe it? Check out our quality promise and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Guided Masturbation:What to Expect

Your first guided masturbation session will likely begin with a conversation in which you and your Mistress get to know each other. She will likley ask you a bit about your current masturbation habits in an effort to determine the best approach to helping you acheive the most explosive orgasm possible. She may ask you how often you masturbate, what type of grip you use, your favorite strokes, your favorite fantasy, etc.

Depending on your personal preference and the details you provide for your Mistress, she may have you performing a series of strokes varying in grip and intensity that will keep you aroused and on the edge for as long as possible. She may have you bring various household items to be used during your guided masturbation session, such as ice, a wooden spoon, a hair brush, icy hot, etc. For more detail, check out the list of what to bring to a guided masturbation session.

You may already have some toys you enjoy using for masturbation, such as a pocket pussy, vibrator, dildo, paddle, butt plug, or other fetish-related toys. Maybe you enjoy dressing up in sexy lingerie, such as panties and stockings or you enjoy stroking with satiny panties or silky stockings. If so, bring those items too. Even better, go on cam and stroke for your Mistress while she watches.

Guided Masturbation and Cock Control

Guided masturbation is a form of cock control that can occur on a session-per-session basis or as part of a long term cock control program. Either way, turning over control of your cock to a Cock Control Mistress and experienced Masturbatrix is something you should at least try. Whether for a single session or as part of a longer term cock control program, you will be glad you did. You may even decide to throw your normal masturbation routine out the window in favor of regular guided masturbation sessions.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available