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How Cock Control Changed My Life

Hello. Name's John. I live in Wolverhampton, or Wolvo, as we like to call it. I guess I'm a regular bloke as far as things go. I'm a security guard at Wilkinson's, enjoy hanging out with friends, and have decent luck with the ladies. I've got a little secret I haven't told anybody about, though. I have an American Phone Sex Mistress.

The Day I Discovered Cock Control

The first time I ever heard of cock control, I was just bored, looking for something to do. I began surfing the web and happened across I had never really heard of the concept of cock control, so I wasn't sure what it was all about, but I couldn't stop reading. I clicked on each Mistress and read her profile, then went to their blogs and started reading. I literally spent hours going from blog to blog, reading stories and essays, listening to audio after audio, getting more turned on all the while.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available

I didn't call that day, but spent the next several days thinking of nothing else. I spent every free moment on the computer soaking up everything I could find about cock control, orgasm control, tease and denial, guided masturbation, chastity, and everything else I could find related to the topic. I couldn't believe how incredibly turned on I was the whole time I was reading. The funniest thing of all was, that even though I was so turned on I could hardly stand it, I didn't want to have an orgasm. It was like the longer I could prolong the orgasm while getting more and more turned on, the better I thought the orgasm would be. I had already decided the fate of my orgasm was out of my control, as I was saving it for the call I was sure to be making very soon.

Mistress Controls my Cock

I was both nervous and excited as I dialed the number and explained to the dispatcher which Mistress I wanted to speak with. She was very nice and answered a couple of questions I had before wishing me an enjoyable call. While she was connecting me, I thought for a fleeting moment about hanging up. But I didn't. And I'm so thankful that I didn't. From the moment my Mistress said "Hello," I knew we were a good fit. We chatted for a while about how I'd recently discovered the concept of cock control and how I'd been saving my orgasm, just waiting to turn my cock over to her.

She told me she was going to control it, alright, and teach me a thing or two in the process. Boy did that make my cock jump in delight! She went on to tell me all about how she was going to tease me and may not even let me cum at the end of the call! I told her I would do anything if she'd just let me cum.

She laughed and said "Anything?", to which I replied "Yes, anything."

She laughed even louder and said "We'll both know soon enough if you really mean that."

As I said, that was several years ago and I've been calling Mistress every week since. She has taken me through some pretty intense cock control assignments and is even talking about putting my in chastity for a bit. I've had a couple of serious relationships since Mistress began controlling my cock and I can honestly say that in both relationships I was a more attentive lover and had better control over my orgasms than ever before.

Am I a cock control believer now? You bet I am!

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available