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Are You Addicted to Masturbation?

Are you wondering if you are addicted to masturbation? Maybe you already know you are a masturbation addict and just need validation. Either way, I bet a conversation on the topic would go something like this:

Question: How often do you masturbate?

Answer: A lot.

Question: How often do you think about masturbation?

Answer: More often than not.

Question [rhetorical]:When you aren't actually masturbating, you're thinking about it, aren't you?

[I'll answer it for you anyway]:Of course you are.

Is Masturbation Such a Bad Thing?

Okay. You're a chronic masturbator. A proverbial masturbation addict. Is that such a bad thing? It feels good, doesn't hurt anyone, and is great for stress relief. What's the down side? There is no down side, right?

Whoa. Take your hand off that cock and hold your horses there, big boy. Masturbation is good for you, yes. Masturbation feels good and is great for stress relief, sure. However, depending on your situation, being a masturbation addict may not be a good thing- that is. Let's examine the situation, shall we? Skip down to the sub-heading that fits your situation and read what it has to say.

You're single and not currently in a relationship.

You've got plenty of time on your hands and don't have to worry about anybody's sexual pleasure but your own, so why not indulge in frequent self pleasure? There is no reason not to, really. In fact, now is the time to really experiment and try new things. Don't just rely on your normal "routine."

If you haven't already experienced the simultaneous thrill and frustration of orgasm edging, tease and delay or tease and denial, you have been really missing out! Now is the time to explore and enjoy. Turn over control of that cock to an expericenced Cock Control Mistress, and you'll never view masturbation the same way again! Will you still be a masturbation addict? For sure. Will your orgasms be explosive? Absolutely... when you are finally allowed to have them. :)

Being addicted to masturbation when you are single is only a bad thing when it becomes your primary focus and starts interfering with your ability to develop and maintain healthy, romantic relationships.

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You're in a relationship with a sexually adventurous partner.

Many people think masturbation is something you do alone, in private. It can be. But there are many ways to enjoy it together with your significant other. Surpised? Intrigued? A little of both? Keep reading.

Mutual masturbation. Masturbating with your parternears orgasm, take note of what she does that sends her over the edge. It's likely that the sight and sounds of her approaching orgasm will have you on the brink of your own very own erotic explosion, causing you both to erupt at the exact moment she does.

After you recover, think back to the way she touched herself when she masturbated. Did she start out with the light touch of her fingertips all over her body or did her hand immediately go to her sweet spot? Did she change the way she touched herself as she got more aroused? This information is your ticket to becoming the best lover she's ever had. She'll be amazed at how you seem to know exactly what she needs and when she needs it, bragging you up to her friends as the best lover she's ever had.

You're in a relationship with an inhibited partner.

Not all couples are comfortable with masturbating in front of each other. If your partner is uncomfortable touching herself in front of you, you may have to ease her into it over time. Don't just blurt out that you think it would be HOT to masturbate together or you'll be defeated before you ever get started. Start slowly by touching her in a slow, seductive way. Run your fingertips lightly up and down her entire body until you see her becoming aroused. Then, move your hands to her breastsor between her legs, still using light fingertips. Gradually move into a light rubbing while you ask her if that's how she likes being touched.

This should open up a conversation on the subject. If she just says, "yes" or "I like it", ask her if there is another way she enjoys more. She may tell you about it or she may just tell you that what you are doing is fine. Either way, place her hand over top of your own and ask her to guide you in giving her an orgasm. Afterward, tell her how exciting it was to have her guide your hand and how turned on you are.

After a few times of having her guide your hand she will be more relaxed, which will actually increase the intensity of her orgasm. When the time is right (and you'll know), place her hand on her tummy and lay your lightly over top of hers and see where it goes. Eventually, she'll become comfortable with this and the thought of mutual masturbation will seem more exciting than nerve wracking. Just remember, patience is the key!

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available