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Addicted Stroker

The room was dark and warm, not that it mattered to you. You could do it anywhere, but sometimes it is nice to set the mood. Feel the warmth wrap around you like her soft arms and close your eyes, imagining her there, her soft fingers reaching out to stroke your hard cock. You can pretend that this addiction to masturbation hadn’t made her giggle and stare. Enjoy then, feeling that twitch in your cock and realizing that even that soft giggle hadn’t deterred you a bit. Stroking has become an addiction and good or bad you are going to enjoy every moment of it.

Good or Bad You Lose Control

But is it good or is it bad? When we hear the word “addiction” we tend to almost immediately think of something detrimental to us. Addicts do crazy things in the name of feeding the need deep inside them for whatever substance, person, or action they are addicted too. Just because that need is strong is it necessarily bad? Personally, I say no. Sometimes being addicted to someone or something is the most freeing feeling in the world. If you’re addicted after all, you can’t help yourself. It’s not your fault anymore. You are not in control of your cock. When you wake up in the night, sweaty and reach down to stroke, you cannot help yourself. After all it feels so good. How can you possibly ever give up something that relaxes you and makes you feel so much better? Maybe you need some masturbation guidance but that doesn’t make stroking your cock over and over again bad, it just means you’re a man and can’t control yourself without a woman to help you.

So, you take the lube and get your cock nice and slippery. This time you are going to draw it out, really enjoy yourself and make it last so long that you won’t need to stroke again in an hour. You take a deep breath, feel your cock getting harder in your hand and start to pump it. Nice and slow. Let yourself feel it, really feel it. Give yourself over to the excitement. But then it feels so good, you start stroking faster and faster, racing yourself to the edge of orgasm. A fleeting thought about how you had planned to savor this time races through your mind and you wish she were there to tell you to stop, to order you to remove your hand. But you love to stroke, you are addicted to stroking your cock, you do it so much she can’t be there every time. So you keep going faster and faster, no cock control at all without your Mistress.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available

Are you Addicted or just Horny?

You want to control yourself and please your Mistress by doing something on your own, but you can’t. After all you are addicted to stroking. Or are you? Maybe you aren’t addicted at all. Maybe you are just extra horny and truly need to cum as often as you do! How do you know for sure? Well horny is something we all get! Our bodies need to have that sweet release and sometimes you just can’t help thinking about how good it would feel to have another hot body next to you. Maybe you imagine her warm wet mouth sucking you off, or her hand on your cock as you reach down and start stroking yourself. Maybe you just see a picture that looks incredibly sexy or one of those prick teases in the short skirt and high heels flirts with you at the store. Either way, something gets your motor running and even if you try to ignore it, you’re horny and you have to start stroking to get off.

Okay, that’s great. Horny. But an Addicted Stroker. You know who you are. You are always horny and even if you aren’t it just feels so damn good to take your cock in your hand that you can’t control it. You don’t need guided masturbation you need cock control. You need a soft voice telling you when you can and you can’t, because you just want to stroke it all the time. And you would if you could. You don’t think about getting home so you can stroke. You think about stroking at work, in the car, in the store, everywhere. Even if you wait until you’re alone you are ALWAYS thinking about it! Because you are an addicted stroker. Addicted to cumming and sometimes, just to stroking that cock.

Good or bad, fast or slow, controlled or not, you are addicted to stroking and you need someone to take control of your cock as you clearly can’t control yourself. And by the way, I know you’ve been stroking your cock this whole time. You don’t need your hands to read and you have just been waiting for me to talk more about your cock and how addicted you are to stroking and stroking and stroking….

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available